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I had a few hours to work on the CB project today. After finding out that my friend Ian wasn’t going to be able to patch my leaky cylinder jugs, I found a replacement from a forum member of a motorcycle forum that I hang out in. It came from New York with both cam chain tensioners that I need to replace (score!).

So today I broke down the rest of the top end and pulled out everything that I could get out. I don’t have a valve puller, but once I freed up the valves and was able to spin them in the valve guides, it was pretty clear that I am going to need more parts. Three of the four valves are completely off center. There is a little bit of play in the guides too and the seals had failed. After a quick search on ebay it looks like a complete set of valves is not a pill I’m going to be able to swallow.

Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 9.59.24 PM

So I’m on the prowl for some other source, hopefully this won’t put the brakes on for too long. In the mean time I think I’m going to get cracking on the wheels and tires. I’ve also taken a stab at trying to clean out the gas tank, but It’s not really going so well. That thing is soooo rusty. I’m considering cutting the tank open, cleaning it and then welding it back together. Then I could spend a bit of time hammering the dents out. The only problem with this plan is that I don’t have any welding equipment, fortunately I know people that do.

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