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I have not been spending much time on the motor bike lately. With the holidays and some work trips I’ve had limited free time. One thing I wanted to take care of before the motor bike is finishing up our dining room. Liz and I have been talking about leaving some of our concrete floors exposed and this room seemed like a good one to experiment on. We ripped out the carpet and it seemed like the best time to go ahead and remove the popcorn ceiling. After a lot of dust, paint and concrete patching, we are almost there. I’m currently trying to clean up paint and adhesive and get to floor polishing. Anyway, that’s a round about way to say, yeah… I’ve been busy.

I did find a couple hours to throw together a workstand for the bike. It will be nice once I actually start spending some time turning wrenches on the bike and it provided me a small-bite project that was at least tangentially connected to the motorbike.

I bought some 2x10s and 2x4s
FullSizeRender 37
Built a frame

FullSizeRender 41
And put the whole thing up on 17″ legs

FullSizeRender 38
I also added a couple screws and holes to help keep a ramp in position

FullSizeRender 39

And here’s the result
FullSizeRender 36

Now I’m all set to get some back pain free work going (just as soon as I finish the dining room!).

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